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64 hp (48 kw) @ 2,400 rpm

Weight (with screed): 15,800 lbs.

Paving Widths Variable Up To 15’


Boasting of a small footprint yet retaining a 15 foot-wide screed, the LeeBoy 8500D allows for wider and longer pulls than competitive pavers. This important detail, along with less hand work, means the end user minimizes the number of stops which increases productivity and profitability. The 8500D features traditional controls which lessens any learning curve and allows for immediate use. This paver is a true commercial class machine easily fitting onto a trailer with other complementary equipment in order to provide high revenue opportunities for its patrons.


Operator’s Controls

  • All control levers are on the left side
  • Right side levers include left and right drive control, right auger, right screed extensions, hopper and cut-offs
  • Dash slides from left to right
  • Color graphic control screen with digital readouts. Review and monitor system vitals including: oil pressure, hour meter, fuel gauge, voltmeter, water temp, tachometer, hydraulic oil temp, engine diagnostics


  • Length: 12’ 9”
  • Width:  8’ 6” transport
    10’ hopper wings down
  • Height:  7’ 10”
  • Total Weight (with screed):  15,800 lbs


  • Kubota turbocharged diesel
  • Tier 4 Final – 64hp (48 kW) @ 2,400 RPM


  • Fuel: 17 gallons
  • Hydraulic Reservoir:  40 gallons
  • Washdown tank: 7 gallons

Paving Widths

  • Variable up to 15’