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Basic Data

Series HD CompactLine
Name HD 10 VO
Description Tandem roller with vibrating roller drum and oscillation drum
Exhaust emissions category EU Stage V / EPA Tier 4
Series H230


French classific., data/class 12,1/PV3
Operating weight, max. 7,144 lbs
Operating weight with ROPS 5,568 lbs
Static linear load, front 67.8 lbs/in

Machine Dimensions

Total width 43.7 in
Total length 99.6 in
Max. working width 41.3 in
Wheelbase 66.9 in
Turning radius, inside 97.2 in
Total height with ROPS 97.4 in
Height, loading, min. 69 in
Curb clearance, rear 22.4 in
Curb clearance, left 22.4 in

Drum Dimensions

Track offset, right 2 in
Track offset, left 0 in
Drum thickness, rear 0.6 in
Drum thickness, front 0.6 in
Drum diameter, rear 28.3 in
Drum diameter, front 28.3 in
Drum width, rear 39.4 in
Drum width, front 39.4 in

Diesel Engine

Type D1703
Number of cylinders 3
Emission standard EU Stage V / EPA Tier 4
Exhaust gas after-treatment -
Power ISO 14396, rpm 2,200 RPM
Power ISO 14396, HP 25.2 HP
Power ISO 14396, kW 18.5 kW
Power SAE J1349, rpm 2,200 RPM
Power SAE J1349, HP 24.8 hp
Power SAE J1349, kW 18.5 kW


Speed, infinitely variable 6.3
Climbing ability, without vibration 40 %
Climbing ability, with vibration 35


Oscillation force, rear, II 5,175 lbs
Oscillation force, rear, I 8,775 lbs
Tangential amplitude, rear, II 0.053 in
Tangential amplitude, rear, I 0.053 in
Oscillation frequency, rear, II 1,740 VPM
Oscillation frequency, rear, I 2,280 VPM


Centrifugal force, front, II 4,500 lbs
Centrifugal force, front, I 7,425 lbs
Amplitude, front, II 0.018 in
Amplitude, front, I 0.018 in
Vibration frequency, front, II 3,060 VPM
Vibration frequency, front, I 3,900 VPM


Oscillation angle +/- 8 °

Tank Capacity / Fill Capacity

Fuel tank, capacity 11.1 gpm
Water tank, capacity 47.6 gpm

Sound Level

Acoustic power LW(A), measured 104 db(A)
Acoustic power LW(A), sticker 106