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New John Deere Forestry Equipment For Sale at Dobbs Equipment

Reliability and performance are crucial when selecting forestry equipment. John Deere continues to dominate the fields with high-quality heavy machinery, and it's all available at Dobbs Equipment. John Deere's lineup features forwarders, skidders, swing machines, harvesters, and more. Stop by any location in the Alabama, Florida, Georgia, or South Carolina region for available John Deere forestry equipment and attachments.

Powerful Forwarders

No matter your operation or tree size, John Deere is versatile to your needs. With load ratings from 19,842 lbs to 41,888 lbs, work through the fields quickly and efficiently. With multiple load-handling options available, you can be sure to reach and lift logs to where you need them. The cab features self-leveling and a joystick customizable to user preference for the best-personalized experience. With safety features such as a ROPS-certified cab, you can protect your workers even in the most demanding conditions.

Skidders for Every Terrain

When the Georgia rain begins to fall, you need forestry equipment to handle the rough conditions. John Deere skidders tackle all terrains and continue to prove as a reliable and consistent brand. Models for John Deere skidders include the 640L II, 648L II, 748L II, 848L II, and 948L II. Choose your John Deere skidder based on workload and grapple capacity. All models feature unmatched pulling power and maneuverability, making impossible jobs manageable. Need help determining which best fits your operation? Talk to our specialists to find the best John Deere skidder for you.

Wheeled and Tracked Harvesters

John Deere's line of wheeled and tracked harvesters has you covered for felling, delimbing, and cutting trees. When choosing which option to go with, some factors to consider include: 

  • Maneuverability: Wheeled harvesters have faster travel speed and versatility than tracked harvesters. Great for suitable terrain and pathed-out areas. 
  • Serviceability and Maintenance: Wheeled harvesters offer the least specialized parts for repair, creating less downtime for your project.
  • Ground Disturbance: Tracked harvesters provide less damage in protected areas or sensitive soil environments
  • Traction: Tracked harvesters allow for the best traction for steep terrain and areas affected heavily by rain.
  • Efficiently and Accessibility: For those areas that are hard to access, tracked harvesters make it possible to reach more efficiently. 

With many factors determining what option to go with, our team is here to walk you through the process and get you the best John Deere forestry harvester.

Waratah Attachments

Dobbs Equipment also provides Waratah attachments for your forestry equipment. A popular option is the HTH623C. It is ready for all tree types and applications and is designed to attach to tracked or wheeled harvesters. With multi-stem capacity for smaller stems, decrease your time working by lowering your cycles. Built for long work times, you can be sure these harvester heads will last in the harshest conditions. Give us a call for all forestry waratah attachment questions.

Come to Dobbs Equipment for purchasing or financing John Deere forestry equipment.