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Customer Service Advisors

Good Hands-on Customer Support is paramount to ensure our customers are successful in the field. That's why we, at Dobbs Equipment, have Customer Support Advisors (CSA). CSA's work closely with your team on the jobsite and at the office, maximizing your Productivity and Uptime while lowering your Daily Operating Costs.

New and Current Users

Factory Capstone Certified Technicians

John Deere requires Dobbs Equipment technicians to be factory trained before any new products are shipped to our branches. This, coupled with our in-house team of professional trainers and remote diagnostics with our industry exclusive Service Advisor Remote tool, ensures our technicians are capable of diagnosing and repairing problems quickly - the first time.

Powertrain Relife Program

Manage owning and operating cost with a John Deere Powertrail Relife

  • Thorough machine inspection by factory certified technician
  • Complete set of John Deere Reman power train components
  • John Deere Powertrain Relife Plus Warranty
*Not available on all models

Training Services

Our time in-house trainers certified by Deere to do factory level product and technical training. Need some help keeping your technicians up to speed on the ever changing world of equipment technology? Let Dobbs Equipment help with the education process


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