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New John Deere Construction Equipment For Sale

Dobbs Equipment is the only place to go for all John Deere Construction equipment and vehicles. Serving the Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and South Carolina region, our team will get you equipped with the right heavy machinery to succeed. With decades of experience and training, Dobbs Equipment will get your operation fitted with the latest and greatest technology from John Deere. Visit any of our 28 locations for high-end customer service today.

Choose your Favorite John Deere Heavy Machinery

Our line of John Deere heavy machinery is equipped to tackle any job. With large John Deere excavators available, including the 470 P Excavator, you are ready to strip away overburden or construct ditches and roadbeds. After digging up all the dirt, we have the dump trucks to go with it. Pick which option suits your process best with rated payloads of 53,334lbs to 92,195lbs. Large dozers from John Deere also provide heavy-duty power and maximum power to the ground with hydrostatic transmissions. Are you searching for a new backhoe? Our selection of 8 John Deere backhoe models allows you to get the needed features and specifications. Contact our team with any questions regarding purchasing or financing John Deere's heavy machinery.

New John Deere Excavators

For quality and durability, John Deere's excavators stand above the rest. Offerings include compact, mid-sized, and large to help you fit your job site best. The compact model is perfect for maneuverability and access to tight spaces for small job sites and urban areas. For a broader range of abilities and use, choose the mid-sized for a mix of power and utility. Working at a massive construction site or mining is the perfect time to grab a large excavator. With immense digging potential and lifting capability, you can maximize your output. Reach out to Dobbs Equipment for details and availability.

Skid Steer Attachments

No skid steer is complete without its set of many attachments. Our expansive set of options allows operators to get the most out of their equipment. Our offerings include choices for auger and trencher attachments when drilling that new fence line or planting trees. Bucket attachments will take care of any situations you have for digging or loading dirt. Check out the fork and spears section for multiple sizes and weights when baling hay around your farm or moving pallets. With so many options available, our team can provide specific insights to get you the best skid steer attachments for your needs.

John Deere’s Forestry Lineup

John Deere's lineup of forestry equipment meets your needs in the forestry industry. Set to handle a variety of functions, it will take care of harvesting, processing, and other tasks. With wheeled harvesters such as the 1470G, delimbing and processing trees is a breeze. Moving them to the road is made simple with our selection of forwarders and skidders. For large loads or rugged conditions, John Deere is up to the task. Call our team of experts for all John Deere forestry inquiries.