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Key Specifications

Rated Operating Capacity 1176 kg (2,590 lb.)
Gross Horsepower 45.8 kW (74 hp)
Net Horsepower 52.5 kW (70 net hp)
Operating Weight 4313 kg (9,500 lb.)

Compact Design, Sizeable Results

The John Deere 325G Compact Track Loader is a compact powerhouse that delivers sizeable results on every job. Its versatile design allows it to excel in a variety of applications, from construction and landscaping to agriculture and forestry. When you need exceptional performance in a compact package, the John Deere 325G is the choice that promises efficiency, productivity, and the ability to tackle tasks with ease.

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Features an EPA Final Tier 4 (FT4)/Stage IV engine that is simple, fully integrated, and fully supported to deliver industry-leading fuel efficiency and uptime.

  • Easy-to-operate controls maximize an operator's skills, for more everyday productivity.
  • Spacious, comfortable cab is even more tightly sealed to keep out noise and dust. Available options include a four-season cab, Bluetooth radio, and heated seats.
  • Excellent all-around visibility has been further enhanced with customer-inspired side lighting and rearview camera options.

Industry-leading bucket breakout forces and auxiliary flow

The 325G's height to hinge pin is 10 ft. 6 in. to easily load high-sidewall dump trucks, feed mixers, and hoppers.

Easy Maintenance: Cab foot-well area can be washed out in a matter of minutes. Glove-friendly removable side windows make cleaning easier.

Optional JDLink provides machine data and health alerts to help you decrease costly downtime.

Hinged door provides wide-open access to the side-by-side oil cooler and radiator for easier core clean-out.

Operator station tilts forward 50 degrees, simplifying access to the swing motor, hydraulic control valve, engine starter motor, and alternator.

Truck sideboards are no problem for this compact. Lift height and reach are plentiful, making truck loading easy.