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Key Specifications

Gross Power 196 kW (263 hp)
Gross Torque 1,141 Nm (841 ft. - lb.)
Max Grapple Capacity 1.77 m2 (19.1 sq. ft.)
Operating Weight 19,713 kg (43,610 lb.)


The John Deere 748L-II Skidder is the ultimate logging machine that combines power, versatility, and advanced technology. With its robust 263 H.P. engine and heavy-duty grapple, it effortlessly tackles the most challenging terrains. The skidder's telematics system keeps you connected to real-time data, ensuring optimal productivity and machine health. Experience the reliability, performance, and comfort of the John Deere 748L-II Skidder, the ideal choice for maximizing efficiency in your logging operations.

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Simplified routing of the electrical and hydraulic systems helps boost reliability and ease maintenance. Wiring and hoses are placed for protection against wear and damaging bends.

Combining impressive horsepower and power-to-weight ratio with a constant engine speed, the 748L-II delivers superb responsiveness with maximum efficiency. Rock-solid stability provides excellent pulling power, especially when climbing hills, navigating adverse terrain, or hauling bigger payloads.

The easy-to-use CVT transmission automatically senses the load and delivers more torque and tractive effort as needed to maintain the desired speed.

Steering sensors control articulation speed when nearing frame-to-frame contact, cushioning impact during full articulation and to enhancing operator comfort.

Hinged door provides wide-open access to the side-by-side oil cooler and radiator for easier core clean-out.

Operator station tilts forward 50 degrees, simplifying access to the swing motor, hydraulic control valve, engine starter motor, and alternator.

Optional on the 748L-II, Outboard-Extreme axles are designed with larger components to deliver maximum jobsite durability, along with a heavier weight to boost machine stability. Higher-ply tire options from the factory increase tire strength for carrying heavier loads. Add last sentence.

Take the guesswork out of planning, implementing, and monitoring your logging operation. The tools of our production-planning and -tracking system expand on the core technology features that come standard in every John Deere Forestry machine to unleash a powerful new array of possibilities:

  • TimberMatic Maps is an innovative onboard software solution that helps you reimagine your jobsites. Real-time production views, optimized routes, and shared wireless connections between machines make it easier than ever before to take your forestry operation to the next level.
  • TimberManager is a web-based solution for PCs, tablets, and mobile phones that allows you to follow jobsite progress. Combined with TimberMatic Maps, this software provides complete visibility of your operation - from land harvested to specific machines - so you can streamline communication, analyze tasks, and increase productivity.

Your John Deere Forestry machine arrives from the factory equipped with a powerful set of technologies and capabilities already built in:

  • JDLink connectivity lets you track your equipment, see which machines are working, and know if they’re being utilized properly and at maximum productivity and efficiency.
  • Enabled through JDLink, John Deere Connected Support leverages a suite of dealer and factory tools designed to deliver increased uptime and productivity, and lower daily operating costs.
  • Remote Diagnostics and Programming Capability within John Deere Connected Support helps your dealer warn you of any issue with your machine - often before you know of the problem yourself - and initiate solutions without charging you for a technician's visit to your jobsite.
  • Our advanced dual approach to Machine Health combines the expertise of the technology specialists at our dealerships with the data specialists at our central Machine Health Monitoring Center (MHMC).