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John Deere Worksight

John Deere WorkSightTM is a suite of easy-to-use technology solutions that will optimize machines, uptime, and jobsites. It is designed for managing any size operation from a single machine to large fleets with multiple brands across multiple jobsites. These technologies make owning John Deere equipment simpler and more profitable than ever before.

Optimizing Machines, Uptime & Jobsites

Get the Most Out of Your Equipment

Track Machine Health, Avoid Downtime

Increase Jobsite Efficiency

John Deere Technology In Construction

John Deere's technology advancements in the construction industry help you manage your workforce better than ever before. Keep track of your construction fleet with precision construction technology. It will help manage repairs and service for construction equipment, maximize uptime and increase margins. John Deere construction tech features WorkSight, JDLink, SmartGrade, and TKSeries bucket teeth. Find out more about all of John Deere's construction equipment technology at Dobbs Equipment.

John Deere WorkSight

John Deere WorkSight is a system that gives you complete digital management of your physical equipment. With WorkSight, track machine health live and see if your equipment is overworked or underutilized. Data shows the hours your construction equipment has worked, gives machine health prognostics, and lets you know when updates or services are needed. Another technology featured in WorkSight is payload weighing technology, letting your operators know if loads are too heavy for your construction equipment, reducing the lifespan and wearing it out quicker. 

JDLink For Your Fleet

JDLink for your construction fleet helps lower costs and maximize your margins. The material moved, fuel consumption, and hours used are data all provided to you on your laptop or phone, allowing you to make the correct decisions to be more efficient on-site. Data from JDLink can also help you prepare for bidding, as data from past jobs can help give an accurate count of fuel consumed and time taken for a specific amount of work. Get John Deere's technology in WorkSight and JDLink for your construction fleet and complete your work in a more structured way.

SmartGrade Technology from John Deere

SmartGrade technology from John Deere allows you to dig on-site with confidence. SmartGrade used precision grade technology to allow more accurate digging and eliminate over-digging. You can set specified depths and have better control in all situations. Available in 2D or 3D guidance, choose the choice that best fits your preferences. SmartGrade also includes virtual fence barriers and solutions for digging in the dark. Get more work done around the clock with SmartGrade technology from John Deere.

John Deere Attachments Advances

John Deere's construction technology also expands to attachments. The TK-Series are attachable bucket teeth that improve efficiency depending on the material you are digging into. The following options are available:

  • Chisel

  • Fanggs

  • Flare

  • Heavy-Duty Loader

  • Loader

  • Loader Rock-Penetrating

  • Severe-Duty

  • Tiger

  • Twin Tiger

Dobbs Equipment is here to help you find the correct TK-series teeth for your application. Call us at our Florida, Georgia, Alabama, or South Carolina locations for assistance today.